We do our best to represent what we do at S. Spray rods in our photo gallery. If you see something you like, please reach out to us and we will see what we can do.

1wt fiberglass

Hand turned handle on a Blue Halo 3wt

custom 5.5" handle for a fiberglass 1wt

Lathe turned rod components

Custom laser etched leather rod tube tag

Acrylic bottle stopper variety

Acrylic bottle stopper mushroom

Acrylic bottle stopper amber

Acrylic bottle stopper bubble gum

Acrylic bottle stopper Russian bubble gum

Acrylic bottle stopper blue

Acrylic bottle stopper spear

Acrylic bottle stopper purple

Blue Halo Cappuccino 3wt

That is a heck of a long push to fish this river.

2wt fiberglass with a Heddon 300

Tied fall of 2018

My baby! Hyde low pro aluminum

Cut and ready to mount.

Jeep grill wall art.

Now in Nomad Anglers Grand Rapids MI

Now in Nomad Anglers East Lansing MI

Matching them up to the backer and drilling them next.

Best fishing buddy. Kiss and release.

Bluegill wall art.

Michigan duck 1976 plate

Test wraps on a Blue Halo

tied the summer of 2018

Florida sailfish

A group of plates ready for shipment.

3 wt Blue Halo fiberglass

Nevada trout.

Fast action rod with variegated silk thread.

Acrylic reel seat insert with hardware. Hand turned in the shop

Acrylic reel seat insert with hardware. Hand turned in the shop

Jeep Grill license plate

Tigers themed 3wt fiberglass

First coat of epoxy

Arkansas bass

LA sailfish

Blue Halo raw blank 7wt yellow silk

Finished ferrule wrap.

Yellow silk one epoxied one not.

Blue Halo with an acrylic reel seat and yellow silk

Natural silk guide wraps, with a black single turn decorative band in the middle and a triple wrap trim band.

lining up guides

Green fiberglass 7' 3wt with variegated silk thread. Prior to epoxy.

Sage green fiberglass 6' 2wt. Test wraps.

Emerald green 9' 8wt. Color preserver applied, no epoxy yet.

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